We are a complete marketing and advertising agency located in Gurugram Haryana /Ncr Delhi India. We believe that the brand that speaks well does well. We help your brand to make a seamless communication with the audience. We offer brand communication services all aimed at strongly connecting your brand with the audience.
Our approach towards assignments is relationship based, technology oriented, creatively focused and knowledge centered. Our Directors, copywriters, creative team and technicians are some of the top notch in the field.
You need someone who can translate ideas into a brand dialogue; you’ll find all that at Viacom India, where we make your brand buzz.

Viral video ad

Through viral video campaigning you can touch millions of people in a short period of time whatever your needs as “Brand Identity and Messaging/ Company Culture Highlight/ Special Events/ Cause/ Motivational/ Product or Service Permotion/ Social Campaign etc.”
We convert imagination into reality! Increased bandwidth and growing appetite for video content is driving an explosion of original content and paid advertising across YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video Ads and other sites.

Tv Commercial

15-30 second Television Advertisements
TV Programme Sponsorship
Sponsor advertisement
in film branding Product Placement

Mobile Video Advertising

Platform leverages the power of data to make video ad campaigns deliver the best results. Available in skippable, non-skippable, full-screen, pre-roll, vertical & native formats; our full-suite video offerings are primed to deliver the best performance for advertisers & publishers alike

Cinema Advertising

We offer the most comprehensive on-screen advertising plans, branding, activation & innovations to achieve your plan objectives.
Cinema is a catalyst to 'together time' for couples, families, friends and peer groups, This 'Together time' is hard to find and harder for a marketer to penetrate. Cinema provides a state of mind that exists in no other medium. The audience gets into the most receptive frame of mind owing to voluntary surrender to the environment, through Viacom India Put your ad on the big screen, Get Guaranteed Lowest Ad rates across all Movie Theatres
Pre-movie Advertisements In-Interval-movie Advertisements In-Movie Product Placement

Media Planning & Buying

In an on-demand world, we are more than just a digital partner. We reach your target audience using every touch point, in a way that's relevant to their lives, and to your brand propositions.Viacom India LLP offers media solutions to clients in new-age as well as traditional media. It has a dedicated multi-city intranet network which helps the centralized planning and buying process with the capability to ‘execute & activate’ at a localized level. Transparency is a major issue in the industry and Viacom India LLP strives to bring in as much transparency as possible in all transactions. Media buying and execution benchmarks / metrics are mutually agreed upon between Viacom India LLP and all its clients beforehand. Post-campaign audits are tracked to confirm adherence to the agreed benchmarks and metrics, thereby ensuring true transparency in the media buying process.

Radio Advertising

15/30 second Radio Advertisements Radio Interviews
When it comes to radio listeners their attention span is very small and there is a need for serving them the treat in the quickest and crispest for Radio advertisement. Audio Branding involves using music, voices, a great copy or script, and bringing all this together to create an ad, mnemonic or telephone tune that can be recalled by the listener much later. That is what we are passionate about
Let us know when you need a 'memorable' radio ad, caller tune, corporate song or TV jingle. Viacom India LLP make India's best Jingles and Radio Ads.

Digital advertising/Online Advertising

YouTube, Emails, and Social Media advertisements -Social Networking sites (eg Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest) Viral (video, email, postcards, CD’s) Display advertising (banner, skyscraper, video, applications/software eg msn messenger) Text Ads (eg Google Adwords) Whatsapp viral video campaigns, Email Marketing / Newsletters/ Mobile Ads./ Online Permotional Videos is considered to be one of the most effective types of advertising

Outdoor Advertising

We deal in Billboard, Mobiles, Kiosks/Pole Kiosk, Hoarding; electronic sign, balloons, Sandwich men, Traveling displays, Sky writing, Envelop enclosures, Window Display, Exhibitions and trade fairs, Airport, Railway Station, City Bus, Metro Taxi, Mall & Multiplex, Junction Branding, Bus Q Shelters, Unipole, Gantries, Wonder Car, Neon Signs, Vehicle Wrap, Waiting Room, Innovative Advertising Public Demonstrations-Set up in shopping malls (or in the supermarket), Guerrilla Advertising / Alternative Advertising / Stealth Marketing, PR stunts, Video projection onto side of building, Night-time shop window video or laser light show, Sponsored humans (to tattoo your brand on their forehead, or a not quite as exciting, wear a branded t-shirt), Public Relations, Distribute press releases (for print & online publication), Or Contact Journalists/Reporters directly with something newsworthy, Branded Objects, Branded Pens, Coffee cups, T-shirts, bags, clocks Trade Shows, Expo & Seminars, etc.