The most popular category in our video marketing product range is the versatile video brochure



What is a Video Brochure?

The most popular category in our video marketing product range is the versatile video brochure Video brochures can be defined as a fusion of digital circuitry (containing audio, video and interactive components) with printed paper and packaging materials. In the simplest terms, they can be described as brochures with a video screen in them. Known also as 'Video Mailers' when sent via direct mail, they have been rapidly gaining popularity for video marketing special promotions, branding, lead generation and loyalty campaigns.Viacom India LLP aims to provide you with options to help your brand impress, engage and influence audiences. We make the most innovative fusions of video-in-print products such as video business cards, video books, video shelf talkers, video folders, video presentation boxes, video magazine inserts, phone in print, wifi in print and AR & VR experiences.



Make Stunning Digital brochures your customers will love

Want to present your projects with the help of digital brochures and portfolios? Viacom India digital brochure services will help you create a great impression, of your project or service, in any business.


  • Bring your content to life  
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  • Optimized for touch  
  • Boost your sales or conversions
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E Product Brochure with Video

Create Interactive Video Experience Product Brochure for Effective E-marketing

Videos can demonstrate complex points and ideas in a visual way. Compared with text content, videos are more persuasive, more engaging and more interactive. And for another important reason, readers prefer to watch videos rather than glance over the long lines. And that's why video marketing has been ranked as top trend of digital marketing for 2017

VIDEO E-brochures can showcase your products, services, brochures, catalogs or any digital publication online, and an outstanding e-brochure can effectively promote your business among prospective customers.

Embedding videos in your online e-brochure will surely fascinate the readers. The clear and persuasive idea in the video will make them more willing to get to know your products or things you want to sell. While applying videos to your digital product brochure, it is strongly recommended that YouTube channel should be combined into your online brochure marketing as YouTube can drive traffic to your e-brochure and website.