Documentaries & Short Films Production

Documentary videos and films are our passion and the reason our video company started. From pre-production to post-production, we have access to a full crew, cast, and the equipment to produce exceptional work that goes to the big screen. It is our pleasure to be with you every step of the way.Producing a truly compelling documentary is not a standardized product. We do the research required to gain a deep understanding of your project and then transform this research into a unique and engaging narrative. We use a wide range of techniques to produce a high quality video including recreations, in-depth interviews, drone video footage and animation. We do what it takes to draw the viewer inside of the branded content. We have a long list of Industrial Documentaries, Documentaries for Political personalities, Wildlife and Historical places, artefacts and monuments.When you work with Bold Content you will not only have access to a team of branded content video production professionals. We provide broadcast quality post-production to deliver branded content that looks and sounds exceptional. Because we handle all components of post-production in house, we can engage with the clients throughout to get feedback on edits.

Documentaries Services

Poetic Documentary
A documentary which involves people especially the presenter and interviewees. And emphasizes some aspects of the real life and presents it through videos in a quite artistic way. Videos help develop the mood and tone of the story being told including the messages and values are hidden in it. 
Observational Documentary
A documentary where the film maker is an open-minded observer. Here we let you observe lived life with a minimum of intervention. Also the films aimed for immediacy, intimacy, and revelation of individual human character in ordinary life situations.
Expository Documentary
Expository documentaries videos help you speak directly to the viewer, often in the form of an authoritative commentary employing voiceover or titles, proposing a strong argument and point of view. These films are
aries videos help you speak directly to the viewer, often in the form of an authoritative commentary employing voiceover or titles, proposing a strong argument and point of view. These films are rhetorical, and try to involve the viewer.
Participatory Documentary
A documentary which is engaging communities in designing and carrying out the collection and dissemination of their own story. We design a storytelling process that honors and reflects the voices and leadership of people impacted by an event or an ongoing situation. We understand that affected communities are uniquely positioned to offer expert documentation, research, and analysis to help understand and shape how we respond.
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Performative Documentary
A performative documentary acknowledges the emotional and subjective aspects of documentary and presents ideas as a part of a context having different meanings for different people. They are strongly personal, unconventional, perhaps poetic and/or experimental, and might include hypothetical enactments of events designed to experienced people. Performative docs often link up personal accounts or experiences with larger political or historical realities.
Short Films

We help Organisations, Govt., NGO’S and agencies tell their stories in a short and a meaningful framework so that it can easily connect with the audience. We develop the idea, write the script, direct and produce. In short we create films people remember, use and want to share. Simply speaking we are a collection of minds on a mission to tell stories. Our mission is not only to bring originality and quality to our clients but also to inspire and leave an impact on our audience. Short films are a way for new film makers to make their identity in festivals and follow their dreams. Our company produced a short film Donation & guilty which received many awards. Share us your requirements; ideas and motive behind will help you achieve the goal.

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