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Public Relation (PR)

Viacom India most agile and results oriented PR Agencies in Gurgaon /Delhi/Ncr we understand that public relations are no longer just about media relations. We help you to engage with all your stakeholders through various communication channels, with a nuanced, integrated approach. We also help mitigate potential crises by identifying vulnerable areas and taking pre-emptive steps. We have helped establish various growing businesses by providing them with effective media visibility and have enabled well-known brands to further strengthen their leadership positions in the market.

Why Us

Press Coverage is Valuable. Right coverage can help grow your business, increase user base, launch new product, build credibility, and attract investors and much more...

Getting Press Coverage is challenging. Startups and Small Businesses are resource constrained and founders spend countless hours doing ineffective PR or neglect it. CEOs don't have the expertise to get the right message out and time to build strong relationships with Journalists.
Public Relations agencies are extremely expensive, charge hefty monthly retainers, and the results are not guaranteed.
VIACOM INDIA PR is the on-demand PR solution for media needs of your business at an affordable fee, guaranteed results or your money back

What We Do In Public Relations?

VIACOM INDIA works closely with its clients to ensure that they get regular coverage in various trends/stories happening in their respective industries across various forms of media. We ensure that do brand building, product launches etc across leading national and regional dailies and help our clients reach their target market.

Our professional services team’s role is to help client with most valuable brands transform their way of working for a digital, data-driven world.
We will work with you to publicize your industry with advanced marketing strategy and correct tactics. Our advanced strategy includes content creation, speaking, events, awards, data-driven campaigns, etc. and should work in conjunction with a publicity strategy to enhance your industry reputation.

Enhancing Online Presence & Image shaping

Designing and developing digital tools and techniques such as websites, online advertising campaigns, and digital video are part of our integrated communications campaigns

Digital Business Management & Brand-building

Leveraging digital tools to help organizations run more effectively by increasing the footfall on the website via Organic or Paid searches through Search Engine Optimization strategies

Interactive Reputation Management

We help you optimize utility apps and domain-specific leads. We offer content creation and copywriting services for all your social media, commercial and advertising needs

Crisis Communications

We are adept at assisting our clients in sailing through an imposing crisis situation and emerging out of it with their business reputation unharmed.

Cross-platform Marketing

We unify all modes of communication across multiple channels for diversified audiences to help you achieve the maximum impact.

Investor/Analyst Relations

We leverage your strengths and showcase them on the right platforms to help you win the trust of investors and analysts alike.


Strategic Counseling & Advisory Services

We analyze the existing growth obstacles and provide a proactive advocacy that impacts brand positioning and the gradient growth of your business.

So, need a 360 degree solution for your brand? Let us help you tell your story in such a manner that your brand will be the talk of the town.