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Viacom India dedicated to perfectly presenting your product, people or platform through high-impact sales and marketing videos.Whether you are a new or well-established, small or large business, you can benefit from effective target marketing. Marketing video is a powerful tool that will provide you with the opportunity to present your products, services and company to potential customers in a concise and professional manner. It can also be used as an aide in sales presentations.There is a very fine line between Sales, Marketing, and Promotional videos and those lines are created based on the purpose for the video, the scripting and the overall message. Our expertise goes beyond the filming and editing of the video. We’ll help you craft the perfect message that will connect with your target demographic. Our process will help you increase conversions and get a maximum return on your investment.

Sales Videos

Transforming the Marketing Landscape with Video 

Sales are an emotional process. You are solving a problem, answering a question, or filling a void for someone with your product. Sometimes we buy things on gut feeling, sometimes we do extensive research, we are really looking for justification for our decision. The way people buy and sell has changed through the years but the premise is still the same – you want someone to have a connection with your product and then take an action to buy it. You could argue that any video is a sales video, but here we’re referring to video sales pages, where often the sales page is nothing more than a video and a “buy” button, Video has proven to be as equally effective at solving internal communication and business challenges as it has for generating leads and brand awareness outside of the organization. Sales Videos are designed to drive a customer to commit immediately. This means there is an incentive, a deadline, a prize, a reason to act now. The simplest form of this is every commercial you see on TV that is pushing their big holiday sale. You must go this weekend to get that deal – go, go!
Marketing Videos

A more effective marketing strategy with video

Marketing videos are basically an interactive and effective modern day sales person with an edge. To begin with they have complete access to customers — A foot in the door to their homes via the internet. A marketing video usually does not talk about a brand or company at large, but instead focuses on a particular product, service or offer one wants to promote at that particular time. Marketing messages mean something to you. Bringing awareness of your product at the right place at the right time is the key to marketing.The ultimate goal is to present your product as the best version of itself. We want to get people excited, get them talking about your product and convert them into an advocate of what you are offering. Viacom India helps you achieve your goal.

Sales Enablement Videos

A faster and lower risk strategy

Sales enablement videos are a great tool to train your salespeople because they help you standardize the information you disseminate and train people any time you need to. They also help your salespeople absorb information better, engage with the content better and refer to your content easily enabling them to sell better. Theirs is a series of sales Enablement videos that's Sales Training, Technical Training, Partner On-Boarding, Channel Updates, Customer Support, Technical Support etc.
Customer Relationship Video

Customer Reference Stories build customer loyalty and buy-in

Turn your customers into your sales team. Build a customer evidence programme using video stories. Authentic and trustworthy your customers can become your biggest source of business.These type of videos direct contact with your customers, Thanks to the video, the company gets closer to its customers and appears more human. In fact, it gives the customer the impression of being in direct contact with the company, which improves his opinion of it and increases its loyalty. This includes tutorials, video greeting cards,event teasing and customer testimonials.We tell each of our corporate video customers that it’s best to think of how your company communicates internally and externally from a strategic and tactical perspective, and then figure out how video can best serve your marketing and communication needs.

Marketing & sales Teaser Video
Video seeking to target audience attention
Do you have something great to offer? If you have, then that’s great. However, how can you spread the word about it? It’s easy. You just need to create a teaser video and we can definitely help you out with that one. If in case you are launching your business or you are offering new products or services, you can get your target audience anticipating days or even weeks before your launch. As a matter of fact, we know just the right elements to add to your teasers so that it would be able to get your target audience’s attention. With that, you can ensure that your marketing efforts would be successful.
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Internal communication Video

Video to communicate simply internally

Pamper your employees and make them the ambassadors of your brand,  it’s fulfilling business objectives, HR, marketing, communication or maintaining privileged customer relationships, Internal communicationvideo appears as a solution increasingly popular with large companies, Communicating well with one’s employees maximizes cohesion and strengthens the sense of belonging to the company. Our clients have understood this by using video for different topics: internal challenges, presentation of new activities or expression of wishes.

External communication Video

Talk about yourselfthe video for a more direct contact with your customers

Thanks to the visibility and the commitment that it brings, the video represents today 90% of the flows the Internet. Indeed, if the message is clearer in images, it is also better retained since 70% of the content of a video is stored against 20% for a text. Companies use this format to communicate effectively both on events and on their business.
Talking Head Videos
Humanize Your Message with Video

Talking head videos are an excellent way to deliver short and concise messages while engaging users in a pseudo one-to-one type engagement. Whether you’re trying to put a face to your brand or introduce your latest innovation or development, these types of videos can be highly effective with a well-crafted message intended for a targeted prospect.

Real-Estate Marketing Videos 

An amazing opportunity to grow

There’s simply no better way to showcase new developments, retail, condos or homes; then with Professional Video and Photography. With our network of creative media professionals, we are your go-to source for the best images around. We help you show off the listings you represent in an attractive, engaging and effective way to attract new leads. Demonstrate your market expertise and your personal style with videos.
Investor Pitches Videos

Making a Pitch to Attract Investors to Your Business

If you’re a brand new start-up, then you know that anything that could boost your product and doesn’t cost time and money is priceless!investor video allows investors to do just that—to get to know the founder (who, with our direction, speaks authentically, candidly and succinctly) and the story and value of the company in one short, emotionally compelling video. Sometimes investors hear about start-ups from their friends, but those friends can rarely articulate pitches as effectively as a well-rehearsed founder can do in a 1.5-minute video. Instead of allowing the company’s story and value proposition to be watered down or even downright changed through a game of telephone, having an investor video makes it easy for people to refer start-ups to other potential investors in the exact way it was meant to be pitched.Having an investor video allows them to perfectly pitch their companies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sales Pitch Videos

Close that sale

A Sales Pitch Video Quickly conveys lots of information when pitching your product or service; you only have a limited amount of time before you lose the attention of your audience. You want to make every second count and present your message concisely. Convert more prospects to convince your audience that your product or service is right for them; they need to see exactly how they will be benefited. You need to describe the problem your product or service solves, present your product or service and explain what it does, and show the tangible results it yields.
Digital Marketing Videos

We make growing more convenient

In today’s time, various digital advertising alternatives exist for the astute and aggressive digital marketers. Innovations come; influence the existing market and go. Nevertheless, the one digital marketing strategy that has been making waves high since long without losing its steam and vitality is Digital Marketing Videos.Digital Marketing Video is gobbling up the market place as business owners and advertisers explore on digitization of video to entice more clients to their brand. Digital video marketing is presently offered on smart phones via mobiles apps, Facebook Videos, Twitter Videos, YouTube Videos, etc. to target audiences in more compelling manner.

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