Staff Communication (HR) Videos Production

Good staff communication is essential to business success. 

Engage and stimulate your employees with video, we can help you cover topics ranging from Internal Communication, health and safety, CSR, pensions to the latest company news. How well do you communicate with your employees?  Do they know where the company is going, what the company is doing and most importantly do they know you listen and care? The most powerful tool in any company is your staff and we want to help you to engage and empower them. Video can improve your employee engagement by creating communication tools that engage and inspire your workforce.  Video is a very powerful tool that can be distributed to every part of your business for very little cost. Once created you have content that can go on working for you for years to come. Together we combine our talents to produce tailored experiences that will connect with your staff and customers. Videos are a practical and rapid way of communication for both the new and existing processes. With the help of videos, information is available to everyone at the same time whenever and wherever required.

Staff Communication (HR ) Videos 

Internal (Employee) Communication

A finely tuned staff communication video helps gets the best from your internal customers. As you get wrapped up in marketing plans, advertising, campaigns and promotional pushes to feed the front end bottom line, it’s easy to forget that investing in talking to your staff is just as important. Emails replaced paper memorandums in most workplaces a long time ago, but there’s a school of thought that says they are just as unappealing or ineffective… which is why so many big corporate and small businesses alike now love doing it with video.
Onboarding videos

Viacom India is the best mode for on boarding video production

Talent is everything in your organization, so we make videos that help you capture the attention of the best of the best. Showing off your offices, your people, culture, and everything good about joining your company, you’re more likely to get great applications and attract leaders. The younger generation don’t read endless texts or brochures therefore engaging a new generation of tech-savvy, digital attached and entrepreneurial employees or customers can be difficult. But not without engaging content. We use video content to inspire and drive real organisational change. Create short, up to date videos where HR shows what it is like to work here, and interview some of the employees. Either for hiring purposes or for company records, human resource videos can be useful in any situation.  For sensitive information, we’ll keep your footage and documents safe and secure, guaranteed. Company Updates, Employee On-Boarding, Operational Process Training, Compliance Training, Change Management and More…

Staff presentations Videos
Strengthen and solidify your
staff with videos
Notice how most consultancy firms proudly states that “our staff is our most valuable asset”? Yet they present them with just a name, title, and department. Imagine instead 45-second personal video presentations where the staff describe their background and experience, how they work now and what makes them tick! Far better for boosting relations and the corporate brand.
Welcome Videos

Most effective way to make newcomers adopt in the new environment

Welcome videos or orientation videos are those made to be a succinct introduction about the corporate. They do not only convey core information about the working place but also aim at making the newcomers feel at ease in the new environment. This kind of videos may consist of company’s introduction, policies, general do’s and don’ts, code of conduct and a lot of motivation to give employees a boost. Generally, orientation videos may require a professional video production for the best outcomes.

Company culture videos 
A great way to let the employee know your working culture
When it comes down to it, company culture videos are the most fun (and dare we say easiest?) to create. After all, they can pretty much be about anything and everything. Did you throw a guacamole-making competition for your team during lunch on Tuesday? Show it off in a video! Your CEO rode a unicycle to work? These videos let customers see who you really are behind the scenes as both individual employees and a collective company. There’s no better way to connect with your fans than by giving them a behind-the-scenes peek into the goings on at your office.
Company policies

Most effective way to explain your policies

Use video to explain all those rules and policies about security, vacation, sick leave, travel etc. Interview those that are responsible and show how they should be used and the benefits. This motivates the employees better than those Word-documents with bulleted rules on the company intranet! We help you establish the rules of conduct within an organization, outlining the responsibilities of both employees and employers. Videos make you protect the rights of workers as well as the business interests of employers.

Crisis Communication
We help you prepare before it happens
A disgruntled customer posts a video showing a weakness in your product, make your own video response and post it in the same channels, as well as on your website “the collection, processing, and dissemination of information required to address a crisis situation." The video is quickly emerging as the most powerful and preferred corporate communication medium. Not only is video an authentic way to communicate; it is also accessible from almost any device stakeholders use to consume content.
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Promotional & Fundraising Videos

Best mode to promote and raise funds with videos

Creating videos that touch hearts and impact viewers is what we do best. By learning from our clients and seeing what drives them, we are able to translate those passions to video through dynamic interviews, creative imagery, and heartfelt storytelling. Whether you are presenting to a room full of donors, your clients, employees, or the internet audience at large, we’ll craft your story in a way that speaks most clearly and memorably to those you seek to reach.

Talking head video
An inexpensive and straightforward way, deliver
your message to the audience
In a talking-head video, the speakers look directly to the camera during expounding on different matters. They may sound a little bit hackneyed, but particularly suitable for abstruse topics. Talking-head videos can save the corporate a large amount of money and resources as they require only a minimum setting and technical devices. The talking head video is popular because it works. It’s perfect for most personal, promotional videos, whether it’s a direct appeal, an “about me” video, or a “first impression” video on your homepage.
Corporate Motivational Video

We help you work wonders and increase your productivity

By definition, motivation is the general term for your drive to function. It can be in the form of a reward, a person, or sometimes it can be a mere thought of the after effects of your action. Don’t limit yourself to dreaming and hoping alone because you think you can’t achieve it. Becoming a winner in any area in your life is actually doable. As the old saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” The impossible is possible. Especially with the Motivational Videos you can motivate yourself as well as other people. Whether you want motivation to gain success in a business or life, your motivational videos will increase your Employee productivity efficiency dedication determination and bring higher levels of output.

Products Success Stories
We help you the right ideas
Keeping in view the cut-throat competition across markets and a huge basket of offerings and choices from different companies. It is hence vital to creating products that become a must-have for your customers. For instance, there might be several similar products on the market, but why one product sells more than the others? There is something extraordinary in it, which attracts the customers and encourages them to buy. Here are some success stories about products, with which you will be able to better understand the difference between popular and neglected products, and feel motivated to create successful products.
Success Stories of Companies

Make Your Company Inspiring Success Stories

Success is vital to any company. Being successful for an establishment means a highly dedicated and productive staff, enabling the business owner to achieve goals. This is the primary objective of any business or organizational plan. Success stories about companies will help you understand what will motivate your employees, and what will drive them to peak their performance. By doing this, you will be able to develop plans that will motivate your employees, and also help in retaining the best of them in your company.

MD/CEO Success Stories Videos
You See It, We Make It Happen
Our aim of producing success stories is to motivate and inspire the owners of small/mid/large business to leave a print of their hard work and determination for their upcoming generations to keep the business going for a long span. And that it becomes a digital asset for the upcoming generations to face the hurdles, challenges coming their way. It will make the up-comers re-built and reaffirm them and keep moving forward. As the new generation upcomers are born with a golden spoon, they are disconnected from ancestral roots and unknown from the struggles and hurdles faced in achieving the success. your achievements will inspire, motivate and empower the new generation to take forward the business in a much-dedicated way. We bring forward the stories of people, companies, and products that have risen from the ground to heights.
Corporate Talk shows Production

Allow viewers to put forward their opinions with videos

Think value for your target group. Invite an interesting person for a relaxed chat about a current issue. Do this weekly or bi-weekly for almost no cost and build valuable relations and position yourselves as authorities in your business area. A talk show is a television programming or radio programming genre in which one person or group of people discuss various topics put forth by a talk show host. With videos we help people understand things and gain a great experience in relation to whatever issue is being discussed on.

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Staff Communication Videos is the visual representation of your company’s thoughts and values. Whatever story you want to tell, we have the expertise to bring it to life.

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