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360 Degree Video, Virtual Reality Video & Augmented Reality

Viacom has created lots of virtual tours for ample number of clients. We focus on quality just quantity because for its quality which matters. We work for virtual tours all over India. Our passion and skill of photographers is precise in each tour we make. Viacom India has always had an adequate representation of all the tours such that they are good enough and they should enthral and excite the viewer. People living miles away should see the luxury be it of your dream place or your hotel. People just down the road can see the fun your attraction would be. It’s a mode to inspire people to reach you. We’re Gurgaon-Haryana, Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Surat-Gujarat, Mumbai & Pun-Maharashtra, Jaipur-Rajasthan based, but travel all over India to undertake virtual tour commissions.

Corporate 360° Video
Our Flagship Virtual Tour Platform for Business Communications
Viacom India Virtual Tour Platform offers a streamlined intuitive design for all types of businesses wanting to show their facilities or processes in the best possible light. We incorporate our award-winning 360˚ degree photography with a mobile-ready, elegant interface that makes virtual tour navigation a breeze. 360° video experiences, and with great success. By combining our strategists, creative teams, gamification experts, producers, animators, editors, and directors, we can deliver content that is truly fit for the future. We work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver the best solution for each and every commission. From a single 360 panorama through to a complete virtual tour solution, we pride ourselves on gaining a greater understanding of your business so as to produce an interactive 360 virtual tour that will work for your business. We are good at giving a cutting edge finish to whatever we do. We constantly update ourselves. Use our tours for-Brand Enhancement, Asset Disposition – Show that large asset to anyone in the world with a phone call, This high impact sales presentation can wow your prospects like no other media type, how a Highly Visual Content specific to your business, Incorporate a Social Media Component for cross promotions, We use a Modular Approach to build our tours – Add more later as other departments want to add on.
Virtual Reality video

Let people explore your hospitality with videos

Virtual Reality allows hotels, resorts and destinations to showcase their havens like never before. Our VR Video Services are built exclusively for the hospitality industry and works with or without headsets. Our team understands how travellers of today interact on and offline and what influences them to make a positive decision. We believe our VR platform is the best around. Hotels benefit from our multi-skilled team’s experience working with some of the finest properties in India. Our VR can be as simple or as sophisticated as required. From standalone 360 videos of your rooms and suites to fully immersive interactive applications where future guests can navigate their own route around the destination. It allows the user to explore a virtual environment in real-time.

360° VR Real Estate Video Tour 
360° Virtual tours double the likelihood of online bookings
360 videos dramatically improve your real estate marketing by providing a fully immersive experience for the viewer to view the property at 360 degrees. In addition, through its personalization platform, and lead capture tools, MobileVideo360 provides a complete marketing solution to real estate professionals. There are a number of options available to realtors when it comes to video – from interactive 3D video tours and futuristic virtual and augmented reality options to more traditional video formats. A virtual reality tour using technology like VR can take a potential buyer inside a home from anywhere in the world.
360° VR Hotels and Resorts Video Tour

Experience luxury in virtual reality

Virtual reality brings your brand to life in a way that the world has never seen before. No amount of beautifully written words or perfectly crafted photos can have more influence than being able to truly immerse potential customers in your brand. Now your customer can explore your Hotels and Resorts around the world with our immersive 360-degree videos.  Viacom India tells your story in VR, emotionally connecting you with your audience in ways not previously possible. We produce 360 VR Video for hotels & Resorts, real estate, Live Events, Tourism, Industries, Hospitals, recruitment, HR, automotive, high-tech, & more.

360° Industry & Offices
We tell brand stories in virtual reality (VR)
Office buildings, industrial plants, office suites, hallways and offices all make for an incredibly visual virtual tour. We are experts in creation 360 videos of industries and videos reflecting the real-life situations of industries and offices. 360 Video for Offices and Industries offers a highly scalable, easy-to-use portal for uploading and sharing your corporate videos across the company. For some industries, the benefit of 360-degree photos and videos is obvious as they are a perfect mode in showcasing a house in the real estate. If you have an interesting office or store, take 360-degree photos and videos to present as a tour, or do product demonstrations.
360° Warehouse

Capture 360-degree images and videos of warehouse

With 360 Warehouse videos we make the audiences feel like they are part of the action plus they get to see scenes even closer. Making use of 360 degree content for warehousing on all platforms will assure more eyes on your posts. Viacom India helps you in making great headway globally, across social media platforms, video channels, industries, and just about anywhere videos can be used. Giving viewers a viewing experience of high definition, spherical videos and this technological marvel has become a compelling tool.

360° Product Photoshoot for Commercial
Enhance your product with 360̊ Product Photoshoot
We provide high quality 360 Product Photoshoot in all over for industries, commercial and many more activities. We Provide High Quality, Full HDR and Candid (Ambiance Light Photo-Shoot) for Hotels Industries and Travel Companies. We provide 360 Virtual tour shoot anywhere in India for showing the reality and beauty in virtual. We are cost effective.
Use our tours for Brand Enhancement, high impact sales presentation can wow your prospects like no other media type, how a Highly Visual Content specific to your business, Incorporate a Social Media Component for cross promotions, We use a Modular Approach to build our tours – Add more later as other departments want to add on. We provide high quality 360-degree virtual tours for Websites, Multimedia, Hotels & Resorts, Real Estate, Tourism, Industries, Hospitals, Automobile, Product Promotions, Education, Showrooms, Warehouse, Automotive, high-tech, & entertainment various sectors.
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360° Hospital virtual tours

Virtually anywhere interactive Healthcare Virtual Tours

Viacom India specializes in hospital virtual tours, creating online experiences for patients, family members and employees. Often the best way to communicate the benefits of your hospital is through a walking tour, and yet it can be difficult to have in-person tours for a number of reasons. Patients may not be ambulatory or in a condition for a walking tour, portions of your hospital may be off-limits during certain hours, and public health concerns may limit access to many areas of your facilities. A hospital virtual tour avoids such concerns, putting your facilities in the hands of visitors through an online, self-paced, intuitive interface. Creating a virtual tour of hospitals involves high-end 360-degree digital photography, software programming and professional know-how to reflect the feeling of actually being there. Viacom India has spent more than a decade producing industry-leading hospital virtual tours, and brings to bear everything we have learned into each new project.

360 showroom Videos
Explore the Showrooms, shopping centers with our 360 videos
Viacom India provides a high quality 360 video shoots for the showrooms, shopping malls, and other shopping centers. Photography & Videos have been around for years, we create fully immersive 360 videos in high resolution HDR, with a clear perspective and definition that allows the user to effectively judge size, space, and dimension. Videos are a logical step for brands seeking to harness the immersive nature of VR with the immediacy of platforms. We create navigable videos of showrooms, shopping centers such that the customer can see the product as real and true, and interact with it through a complete configurator.
360° collage virtual tours

Our Flagship Virtual Tour Platform for Events and Meeting Spaces

Viacom India Virtual Tour Platform offers a streamlined intuitive design for all types of higher education organizations wanting to show their campus in the best possible light.  We incorporate our award winning 360˚ degree photography with a mobile-ready, elegant interface that makes virtual tour navigation a breeze. Smart design elements can display features when you need them or hide them when you don’t. We can layer in your existing marketing and multimedia elements right into the flow of an existing tour with hotspots. What Is Unique To Your School Or University? Almost every school have diverse campuses with lots of departments and activities to show, an established brand, and compelling student life. Increase Physical Campus Visits by showing off the campus to its best, increase Applications and Yield Rates by putting links to application pages right inside the tour using our hotspots, Spotlight the brand of your campus by showing the experiences your student body in 360 degrees, Facility and/or Department Centric using our deep links to direct viewers directly to what they need to see immediately. Leverage technology to bring users a step closer to a live-visit experience.

 360 Historical Monuments & Places Video

Videos help you stay connected with

the history

The virtual tour provides a closer 360° look around the most famous historical monuments, historical places etc. The virtual tour offers users the unique ability to be instantly transported to locations of historical, national and political importance. Viacom India creates the opportunity for the public to feel more connected to the House of Lords and experience seeing the historical places, monuments etc.
The video industry has taken a giant leap forward again, Facebook and Youtube now supporting 360 degree video and the advent of Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear and Occulus Rift, now is the time to take your content into the next dimension. Call us today to better understand this emerging technology and how we can help you integrate it into your next project.
360° Tour Google’s Street View for Business

Google street view trusted for business
Engage customers and enhance your presence across Google with a premium-quality, 360 degree virtual tour powered by street view technology. It’s simple, fast, and affordableStreet View Is No Longer Just For The Streets!With the Google Street View Trusted Program, Google is increasing its world famous street view coverage to allow local businesses to showcase their interiors, enhance their Google listing, and influence potential customers’ decision making, with their very own 360-degree virtual tour.Google’s Street View for Business is an incredible marketing tool and will strengthen all of your existing advertising, enhance your search engine presence and can even be placed on your website! Best of all it is an affordable onetime cost that is far cheaper (and much more effective) than most marketing and advertising you have tried. Benefits of 360 goggle street view-stand out in Google searches, showcase your website, engage mobile searchers, strengthen your marketing, invite customers inside with a virtual tour of your business on Google search, Google maps, Google plus, greater influence, Google street view trusted tours influenced them to choose that business., increased conversion rates, positive feedback, keep customers on your page longer, we are 360 tour trusted agency. Specializes in helping all types of businesses for marketing. Each of our Google business view consultants and photographers are skilled marketers who understand how to effectively position your business so that you can get the most out of your business view shoot. It is important to know that you have experts coming into your business to help. Contact us today to speak to a business view consultant and to schedule your free estimate.
The location we over:
360 Virtual Tour in Delhi, 360 Virtual Tour in Haryana, 360 Virtual Tour in Faridabad, 360 Virtual Tour in Gurugram, 360 Virtual Tour in Agra, 360 Virtual Tour in Ahmadabad, 360 Virtual Tour in Alwar , 360 Virtual Tour in Amritsar, 360 Virtual Tour in Bhavnagar, 360 Virtual Tour in Bikaner, 360 Virtual Tour in Bhopal, 360 Virtual Tour in Chandigarh,360 Virtual Tour in Ghaziabad, 360 Virtual Tour in Haridwar, 360 Virtual Tour in Jaipur, 360 Virtual Tour in Jaisalmer, 360 Virtual Tour in Jamshedpur, 360 Virtual Tour in Kanpur, 360 Virtual Tour in Kota, 360 Virtual Tour in Ludhiana, 360 Virtual Tour in Mathura, 360 Virtual Tour in Mumbai, 360 Virtual Tour in Noida, 360 Virtual Tour in Pune, 360 Virtual Tour in Rajkot, 360 Virtual Tour in Surat, 360 Virtual Tour in Udaipur, 360 Virtual Tour in Vadodara, 360 Virtual Tour in Manesar, 360 Virtual Tour in bawal, 360 Virtual Tour in Dharuhera, 360 Virtual Tour in Neemrana, 360 Virtual Tour in Pathredi, 360 Virtual Tour in Rohatak, 360 Virtual Tour in Sonipat, 360 Virtual Tour in Bhadurgarh, 360 Virtual Tour in Gurgaon

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