Editing Studio Services

Post Production Services

At Viacom India we produce everything in-house, on-time, and always within the given budget. Post-Production is a crucial part of any video production, and we give our clients full control over their projects. We mould your vision to life. Our studio is equipped with the latest professional editing software, industry standard sound monitors for detailed audio processing and custom built computer systems made for post-production

Editing Studio Services

Creating great video content doesn’t end when you’ve completed the filming. In fact, that’s just the beginning! Luckily, Viacom India has a great team to fulfil any post production needs, including video and audio editing, mixing, CGI, subtitles, and format conversions. It guarantees you get your video exactly the way you want it.

Outsource video editing services

When you decide to outsource video editing services, our diversified services allow us to match your specific needs. We offer quick and cost effective video editing services for corporate, professional and personal film projects. We are perfect in video editing services and our dedicated and skilled video editors are known for their expertise and creativity.

Editing Studio Services
Mastering Services
Editing Services with FCP-X Editing tables with Editors,
Adobe Premiere Pro CC Editing tables with Editors
We facilitate conversion into all formats like MOV, MP4, J2K, M4V, AVI, MPEG, JPG, Wave, MP3, Digital, etc for different platforms like TV, Cinema Halls, Internet, Mobile, and others.
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Audio Production Services

When you push “Play” on an audio file or recording, you expect to automatically hear the crisp, clear sound of music, speech, or recordings. From equipment selection to testing to mastering playback, our artists are experts in pre- and post-production that will make your audio stand out.

Radio Jingles
Dubbing & Voiceover
Dubbing & Voiceover
Radio Jingles Podcast Dubbing & Voiceover
Background Music creation
Jingle and Voiceover Recording
Multi Language Dubbing services (all Indian and foreign languages)
Powerful branding in a note
Jingles are a critical part of branding - they are the sound component of your marketing mix. Radio stations in particular need to differentiate with a creative sound and identity. Our team of branding experts works with our talented audio producers to deliver creative, memorable jingles that will stand out in your listener’s mind.
Change your tone
Videos are becoming most important marketing mediums. But producing and editing videos - especially the sound and voice effects - is much harder than it looks. That’s why you should trust a specialist with your projects. Voiceover and dubbing make videos easier to focus on, more compelling, and more likely to be viewed. Our audio experts consider your script, target market, content, purpose of your video, and more to ensure the sound quality of your videos adds to the overall message.
We help forward-thinking artists, entrepreneurs, agencies, and companies produce world class podcasts. Viacom India produces branded and original podcasts, utilizing the unique intimacy of audio to tell compelling and authentic stories. Our Podcast Solutions offers the most robust selection of services that you will find, delivered by a team of audio-production experts. If you’re looking for audio editing and production for your weekly podcast, our podcast production team ready to serve you.
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