Product Video Production

Visualizing the Value Proposition with Video
Product videos are the perfect means of showcasing your product in action, allowing your target audience to see it in context and get the lowdown on all its cool features, functions and benefits. We make top notch product videos that educate your audience, promote what you do, and help you grow. When it comes to promoting products and services via the Internet, or delivering product trainings to remote employees and partners, video has proven to be one of the most effective ways to deliver your value proposition or brand differentiator just shy of a direct and in-person engagement.Today’s consumers want video because it’s easy, engaging, and most importantly delivered as quickly. So whether you’re launching a new product or training people how to sell your product, investing in video production can help you achieve your product marketing goals.


Product Introduction Video

Take Your Product Launch tothe Next Level with Video

With product videos, you can introduce your products and services to prospects and partners in a way that will truly enable them to visualize your value proposition. Bringing a new product or technology to market is both exciting and challenging. With video communication, you can strengthen the effectiveness of your go-to-market goals by creating deeper engagements with the individuals that interact and respond to your marketing efforts. Product videos attract people’s attention immediately and increase the likelihood of their taking action and progressing further down your sales funnel.
Product Demonstration Video

Generating Demand with Product Demonstration Video

Excited about your new product or do you need to answer the customer questions? Demonstrate your product or service and educate your customers to increase sales or save your company time and money.  We will use our knowledge of video, Live video shoot, animation, and motion graphics to accurately present your product.


Process-demonstration Video

The best way to access your team

Process-demonstration videos refer to the step-by-step instruction familiarizing people to the operation of a tool, product or procedures. This kind of video gets off the beaten track of didactic and facilitates employee’s memory through visual stimulants. Process- demonstration videos substantially reduce the time and resources spent on teaching employees how to carry out a process or use a product as well as assist the learning curve.
Product Portfolio Videos

Showcase Your Products with Video

Whether it be computer hardware equipment or outdoor patio pavers, if you’re in the business of selling physical goods and tangible items then video is the marketing communication tactic you should be investing in. With a product video you can introduce your product to online prospects in a way that will engage them far beyond a carousel of pictures.  And when delivered by a product manager or a real company employee, you’ll begin to build trust faster than you can believe.

Technology Demonstration Videos

Easily Demonstrate Your Technology with Video Content

Show how your product or service works and build trust towards your product. The ability to demonstrate a technology or solution in-person to end-users is one of the most effective sales tools available to salespeople because it provides prospects with the opportunity to experience your value proposition first-hand. The challenge for most organizations is the ability to scale in products demos, especially if you have a national or global footprint and limited field sales presence. With a product video, you can provide a similar demo experience to your online visitors regardless of where they are located.
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Product Training Videos

Reduce Technical Support Costs with Training Videos
Training new associates and channel partners can be a costly, timely and complex challenge for companies and organizations with distributed operations and customer bases, especially those with global footprints.  With sales and technical training videos, you can instantly train new hires and partners on systems, products, policies, promotions and more.

Product Inspiration Videos

Visually Inspire People with your Value Proposition

Similar to consumer brands and products, B2B brands and products also have the ability to create purpose and elicit conviction amongst end-users. Product and brand inspiration videos are an easy and effective way to generate brand awareness with online prospects while communicating your company or products value proposition in a way that can create emotional connections with potential customers.
How-To Videos (Tutorial)

We Are the Best Tutorial Video Company

How-to videos are one of the most common videos on the web. These videos are the best type of marketing video.  Not only you are educating your viewer, but you are also setting yourself apart from your competition as an expert in your field.  Also, you may be answering questions that you are constantly asked about your company, product or service, freeing up time away from customer service.

Product launch Videos

We help you express which you can’t tell

 Do like everybody else and makes campaign sites with slick video commercials etc. But the smarter companies also produce more viral videos that are spread via YouTube and other video communities, blogs and media sites. Before the launch, make a video about your product development challenges where you build hype around the problem that your product solves. When you launch it, post a video that does not look like a commercial but shows the product in a documentary way when it is used by real people! Available for Mobile, Desktop &Web.
Venue Promotional Videos

Showcase Your Unique Venue Space with Video

When you’re in the business of renting event or venue space they say seeing first-hand believes. The real challenge is getting people to come in for that initial in-person look.  Whether you’re selling event space or have a unique venue location you want to rent our event space experience videos allow you to truly showcase your space and all of its possibilities to potential customers online. Increasing the likelihood of converting them from a viewer to a visitor.

App Demo Videos

Introduce your app to the world

Show off your app or product in the real world so viewers can see the way it will actually be used. Perfect for marketing or tutorial purposes for your website, social media, or e-mail campaigns.
We specialize in creating videos that connect useful apps with the right audiences and bring app functionality to life. The best marketing tool you have is your app itself – our videos explore how your app works and how it can help your audience. Video also educate your user -Informed buyers are more likely to be happy with your app – and less likely to leave a bad review. A video showing your app in action gives people a way to experience your app before they decide to download it. 
Sizzle Reel Videos

Sizzle reels are the most effective ways

We produce high-end sales presentations with lots of bells and whistles and special effects, sometimes referred to as demo reels, highlight reels, promo reels or creds reels—are a critical component of any communication portfolio. In many cases, the sizzle reel will be the first thing that your prospective customer will see when evaluating your work, product, or service.Viacom India is uniquely qualified to produce the best-in-class sizzle reels for companies looking to make that unforgettable first impression.We understand this medium, as our own work needs to be demonstrated and showcased effectively. As such, we have developed a very specialized and proven approach to creating sizzle reels for companies of all types.

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