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Branding & identity development

We create authentic and engaging identities for brands.At Hurricane, the identities and visuals we create are built on a strategic process that gets to the heart of the values & mission of your brand. We offer consulting, research and design that reinforces your brand in print, digital and video.Our branding services can give your brand more impact, get in touch to chat about it further.

Building an in-house video production team

Looking to develop your in-house video production capabilities? Producing high quantities of effective video can be a daunting task, and as brands look at building in-house departments to service their video needs, we’re here to support and train team members.Viacom India has the skills and experience to help you build an effective video production team and the insights to help save you money, to deliver results right from the start. We’ve done everything from running training sessions to installing complete studio setups.Our services include consultancy, creative, planning, camera training, studio build, equipment lease and full 24/7 support. And we ensure your team members are comfortable and supported in their new tasks.

DOOH & digital signage

Video content is hitting the streets Digital signage (also known as narrowcasting, place-based media, digital out-of-home or dooh advertising) is an increasingly popular format for information, advertising and other messaging.Whatever you want call it, Viacom India can bring it to life. Effective digital signage design relies on great content, and we’re experts at producing engaging media that’s relevant to its surroundings.

Viral video production and seeding

We deliver online engagement through compelling, shareable viral content. Earning you media attention, generating excitement, driving customer engagement and delivering bottom line ROI. To be truly viral a video must be outstanding content that is funny, outrageous or just plain amazing.Viacom India are experts at creating viral videos for B2B and B2C customers with a proven track record of success. We’ve created viral videos and seeding campaigns for many brands in India. We deliver great videos that build into great campaigns, fitting your content into the social media world, from Twitter and Vine to Facebook and the latest trending platforms. Our content and strategies cut through and deliver measurable results whatever the platform.

B-Roll Videos/ Cut-away shots

Create a Visual Story with B-roll

B-Roll is an incredible asset when it comes to creating an engaging video production. So what is it and do you need it? Its supplementary footage shown during a production. It can make telling your story much easier and compelling with added footage. As a general rule B-Roll can include animation, graphical elements, photographs and extra footage. B-Roll to help tell its story. Rather than simply seeing the subject talk.

Storyteller (Video)

The simplest definition of good stories is they make the audience ask “What will happen next?”We are passionate about presenting your story in a way that captures your audiences’ imagination. We leverage our training and experience to deliver content that not only communicates, but engages.Our storytelling experts work together with you to recommend the best way to tell your story on film – whether it’s through a documentary, commercial, web series, or even a narrative film.

Brand Placement Videos for Marketing

Marketing is about people. And marketing to people, developing sales pipelines and converting that to sales success and loyal customer relationships takes extensive marketing expertise and experience combined with technological skill.At Viacom India, we have extensive know-how in marketing communications, working with some of the world’s biggest success stories, and have a technological heritage that goes way back, before the Internet was born.Together, our marketing strategists, Storytelling Videos, Multilanguage subject matter experts and skilled technologists create precision content across multiple marketing channels to deliver reach, engagement and conversion, bringing you the level of sales success & Branding.

Want to know our cost?

We produce micro budget to large. Our prices are competitive and fair. We make budgets according to the different requirements & needs of the different customers. There are no surprise bills. Any unexpected or additional expenses must be pre-approved by you. That’s how we would like to be treated, and that is how we treat our clients. Contact us to know what we think your project will cost.

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