Live Studio Services

Live content studio, web video studio, Green Studio, Commercial Photography studio
Live content studio

Viacom India set-up a live content studio at the company’s office in Gurugram. In this initiative collaborator have worked along with its collaborators – team Communications to bring out original branded content, Brand’s video, talk show, success story, content videos, social campaigns, as well as experiential content.

Green Studio

We have our own Green Studio- Whether you’re in need of a corporate web video, Educational & Promotional shoot, anchoring, commercial or just something fun, we have a green screen studio for all of your needs. The possibilities are endless. Paired with our professional lighting and teleprompter system, our green screen studio is a great way to provide your video needs with an extra kick of creativity.

Commercial Photography studio

We have our own Photography studio for commercial Photography, 360 product photography, E-Commerce, Modelling, Portfolio, Catalogue & Reference shoot, Product & Print Ad shoot etc.

Our web video studio
Our web video studio
Our core business is Brand content Videos and our commitment to you is to generate an audience. Viacom India conceives, produces and distributes audio-visual content, led by the demands of your audience and the requirements of editorial quality. We create a position and evolve brands videos that emotionally connect with your target audience.
At Viacom India, we have scripted, shot and produced thousands of web marketing videos for businesses, organizations and individuals in both Gurgaon, Mumbai and around the country. The reason why we use video is simple, it works! We also shoot and produce live broadcast shows right from our studio that reach people all over the world. The ability to have access to our studio and our marketing experts to help you create the content has been a game changer for many businesses.”In fact, many people actually fly in to work with us on videos so they can get access to our experts, our studio, and our great video production. They find that with our pricing and our knowledge they actually save money by flying in to get the job done right for the first time.
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Brands that matter are meaningful

We redefine the way brands connect with people and the way agencies work with their clients. We are constantly pushing for results that drive your business. We look at your media in a different way using new ideas to help make your brands matter. We call this our ‘Organic Marketing’ approach.We would love to work on web video marketing and production business if we both feel it is a good fit. Let us help you create web videos for your website and your online marketing that will establish you as the industry expert, drive more traffic, and help you convert more people into customers, clients and patients!

Meaningful connections

Viacom India unites brands and people across the world through meaningful connections that drive business success. Since 2015, we’ve been analysing the business benefits of building meaningful connections for brands. This unique global framework drives everything we do and can help you to analyse your current position and offer new solutions and ways to build long-term business success.

Our Web Production Process

We are coming up with new and innovative concept which will appeal the mass audience and will generate lead for the business development. We work for both friction & non friction, content, promotional, talk shows, series of brand awareness campaigning etc tapping the right people with the right content be it celebrities or other talent.

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Viacom India is a network of directors and several artists collaborating and working together. We are motivated in creating value in video content and this is what keeping us together. If you are interested in our vision contact us

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