Video Strategy

The right approach for your Video project goals

For each type of goal you want to achieve, and for each point in the funnel you need to reach your audience, we make sure you are getting the right type of video in front of them achieving you results and growth of the business. Implementing a video campaign is not easy. Viacom India can provide expertise on the perfect strategy for creating, promoting, and releasing your video content to ensure it maximises its reach potential. Video strategy consists of four essentials- Video Marketing Strategy, Video Content Strategy, Video Campaign Planning and Video Brand Guidelines

Video Strategy
We have grouped video strategy into four parts-Video Marketing Strategy, Video Content Strategy, Video Campaign Planning, Video Brand Guideline
Video Marketing Strategy

While developing a video marketing strategy, you can use video as a part of your plan to achieve results in different areas. Video has proven to increase consideration and favourability in audiences. We advise on what format and content is best for you, taking into consideration your audience, budget, KPIs. (Performance indicator) and distribute the video for maximum exposure.

Video Marketing Strategy Framework

We don’t want to give all our secrets away here – we’d much rather share them with you in personal. But here’s a brief look at the main steps we go through when we come up with a video marketing strategy.

Internal market view

We immerse ourselves into your business; discovering why what and how you do; what makes you different; who you’re targeting; who are the main competitors, peers and influencers are; and what you want to achieve.
External market view
Next comes market, business, and customer analysis, where we’ll define the triggers, barriers, and opportunities to reach engage and lead our ideal customers to act.
Shape the strategy
We’ll define approaches to targeting, tactics and messaging; give recommendations on timings, budgets, and resources; and specify the measurements used to track results.
Continuous improvement
It’s an ongoing process, so each month or quarter we’ll optimize the strategy by measuring and analyzing results, testing different variables and continuously bettering the results.
Video Content Strategy

Use branded content to support or lead a wider campaign across all channels – delivering measurable results focused on marketing. In-depth research leads to content. We plan the best content and format for your brand, with your target audiences, ensuring that your strategy is delivering the results you need. To make any sort of impact, you need video content that speaks to your target audience in a way that rings true, and a way they can’t ignore. This is where your video content strategy comes in.

We work in three stages

Define your core video content strategy
First is about finding the sweet spot where your viewers’ passion and your brand proposition meets. What do they want that you can give them? What unique content can you offer to earn their loyalty? Experience has taught us there are three main ways to make your audience care about your content: either inspire them with stories they can relate to; educate them with useful information; or entertain them with content that’s surprising, humorous or just plain brilliant.
Define your content creation strategy
Decide how to generate your content and then how to structure it. For generating content you’ve got three main options. hygiene, hub and hero model; Hygiene -365 days a year, Hub-entertain people and keep them coming back to you regularly, Hero content is made to drive mass awareness & branding.
Define your content distribution strategy
Next, you’ll need to think about how to distribute and market your content such that it’s seen by as many as of your target audience as possible. Again, this can be divided into three parts:
Store: It’s a good idea to have a bit of a content library – a central place to keep it stored and organized, where it’s always accessible to your audience.
Deliver: An editorial calendar will help you make sure you’re offering varied content all year round.
Market: There’s a lot of content out there, and that’s putting it mildly. To make sure your audience can find your contents, you need a solid marketing strategy; generally, it’s about smart distribution among top influencers, blogs and social media; targeted advertising; and YouTube optimization.
Video campaign planning

By learning how your audience interact and make decisions, we can create targeted campaigns that swiftly move people along the customer journey. Before launching a new video campaign, we always revisit your company’s wider objectives as well taking a close look at your customers and that’s just the beginning.

We work in four stages

Who are you trying to reach?
This one might seem obvious, but it’s always worth taking a step back and asking just how well you know your target audience. It’s always best to divide them into subcategories, or persona types – all of them may have different reasons for spending time watching your content or want to get different things out of it. 
How and when should you reach them?
We’ll take an in-depth look at how the different persona types within your audience interact and make decisions, as well as their communication preferences. We’ll use this understanding to create a targeted approach for each persona, moving them along the customer journey and towards the desired outcome.
How will you make sure they see it?
It’s no good making fabulous, audience-appropriate videos if no one sees them. We think about video distribution – having a scheduled plan to circulate your content via the right websites, blogs, influencers and social media. We might look at video advertising, and identify the best channels and keywords. 
How will you move them through the funnel?
A successful video campaign won’t just target the people right at the top of the marketing funnel – it will guide them through their journey with you and lead them right up to purchase. We tailor online video content for each stage of the funnel, offering prospective purchasers everything from general how-to videos to more personalized, in-depth content.

Video brand guidelines

Just like any other part of your marketing arsenal, the video should send out consistent messages about your brand. We show you how.

Video branding elements
Here, we’ll think about the different components that make up your brand and how we can expand existing guidelines to accommodate video. We’ll look at things like-The tone of the videos, Use of language, Use of colors, Use of graphics, Use of your logo, Use of typefaces, Use of music and sound & much more. Taking these a step further, we can put together a series of ‘brand elements’ that can be used in all your corporate videos going forward. Things like intro and outro screens, the name or job-title straps that would appear when a colleague or customer appears on screen, text captions that pop up to highlight key points in the narrative… whatever works best for your brand and the type of video you’re producing.

We not only help our clients outperform their business goals, but we help them to create new benchmarks.

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