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Web Video Production

Digital media for social engagement

We produce creative videos that engage, entice and encourage your viewers to take action. Web video production has grown in popularity a great deal over the last few years and opens up a whole new way to market your company with professional production quality. Short web videos can be posted anywhere online, whether on your official website or on social media. Because every business strives to get new customers and make more sales, a good marketing strategy is the key to success. Web video marketing can give your marketing strategy a boost. Web video actually gives the little guys a chance to compete with major companies who can afford to spend millions on advertising.We also provide turnkey online video + project management consultancy to help your brand create winning content on an ongoing basis.

Social Media Video Production
We’re operating in a world 
where one good video can lead
to a massive social following
Viacom India is a Bespoke social media video production Agency for Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We design, produce, shoot and deliver market-leading social media videos, branded content and live streaming video experiences for social media networks. Video Makers and production services to agencies, brands, broadcasters and social media companies.
Digital Campaign Videos

Based on stories, not sales

Marketing videos are everywhere. It seems everyone has the goal of “going viral”. That’s certainly a nice objective – but we find that most of our clients want to drive leads and sales. Our first step is understanding your business and the benefits it offers consumers. Then, we craft messaging that will reach them and share your brand and those benefits. Customers don’t want to be sold to – so we tell your story, we don’t just try to get sales. We produce videos that immediately convey value and pique interest.

Digital & Social Media Videos 
Most effective and rapidly spreading means
Whether your social network of choice is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a combination of a bunch of them, the videos you host there can drive traffic to your website or simply live on your profiles to build brand awareness. The single most engaging and underutilized strategy in social media marketing today is video. A video will get you the best results. Ten-second video optimized to capture your audience’s attention and maximize sharing. E-Marketer confirms that videos are shared 1200% more times on social media than links and text combined. Facebook alone is generating 8 billion video views per day, while more than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices. But with social media videos, it’s not just all about views, but creating traffic and conversion for your business as well. Different Social Media platforms work for different companies and can deliver on a number of marketing objectives.
Website Videos SEO

Implementing Web Video Greater tool of your Online Marketing

The proper use of video on a website can dramatically increase its effectiveness. In fact the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. Video on the homepage of your website helps people know you, like you and trust you. When it comes to the internal pages of your site you should have a video for each page. Using video on the internal pages of your website allows you to speak to your visitors more in-depth on the topic they are interested in. Also, & also help you increase conversions for your products and services. By using video and keeping people on your site longer you are also going to help your SEO because SEO will see your site as more engaging then the other sites in your industry.

Online Video Marketing 
Reach the audience in a conversational form
Online video is a marketing powerhouse, serving a massive global audience and featuring technological advances that make spreading your marketing message easy. Over 85% of Indians watch online video regularly. More and more people, particularly those in younger demographics, are choosing internet video over television.
Online video also features the unmatched capacity to target specific groups and track your results with real data. Where cable and network TV advertising only allows for broad demographic targeting, online video can be targeted to niche audiences effortlessly. 
Video for Website

Viacom India helps you connect with your audience to stimulate your sale

Did you know the chances of getting a page 1 listing on Google search increases by 53 times with video?  We have had many clients who have been paying an SEO company with little to no results to show for it. We help them produce some web videos, and then we implement our video marketing strategy for them. Often times we are able to rank the videos in Google and bring them valuable visibility and exposure. What’s more is that by using video to rank in search we can strengthen any Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan because it gives the ability to have multiple pieces of content ranking. This allows clients to dominate the search results and sometimes gives them 2x-5x more content on page 1 than their competition!

Video Montage for online promotion
Imagination and a great 
deal of creativity
Video Montage for online promotion We can combine photos, digital or print with videos, movies and music to create a montage that can share a story, teach your company's history, celebrate retirements and so much more. Let Video entertain and educate your audience and preserve your memories. You can easily share on all social & digital platform and make a dent in the market. 
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Affiliate Marketing Videos

Promote your products through an affiliate network

Affiliate marketing is the process of creating videos and placing affiliate links in the actual videos or in video descriptions. It is cost effective with broader marketing efforts. With videos you can increase your sales, driving traffic to your site, generating qualified leads, as well as extending the reach of your brand. Also videos help you grow a social presence, foster community engagement, increase credibility, provide search engine benefits, and build a brand.

Web Series Videos
Want to attract more youth,
get a web series made
Inform, entertain or both! Show your customers that you are constantly active and knowledgeable. Strengthen your web presence your very own webisode. A Web series is ideal for establishing a presence on YouTube, and they’re great for improving your SEO. Also helps to build your credibility and establish you as an expert in your niche. Often used for product launches and major promotions, the Web series are usually “teaching” videos that are heavy on content. The idea is to provide value and establish credibility before releasing the final “pitch” video at the end of the series. 
Web/Apps Screen Recording Video

Capture the Real-Time screen with perfection

When we fully understand your business and app we’ll write your script. Our copywriters aim to take the information you’ve given us and craft a short, engaging and clear message that speaks directly to your audience. Than we record the screens of your Web/app directly from the device. This gives us a crisp, clear image to make professional end result. The screens will be captured in real time. Then we take the screen recordings and edit them into a mocked up 3D computer. This allows us to show your web app operating in context. We’ll create zoom, pans and visual effects to make your video interesting & engaging and record a professional voiceover and source music to fit.  When your video is complete we’ll send you a HD version of your video. You will be able to use your video anywhere you like, from your website to trade shows. We’ll also provide you guidance on how to get it out to the world!

Video SEO
Marketing newsflash: Search engines LOVE video!
We specialise in Online Video Marketing and Video SEO. From concept to promotion, we plan, produce, post, and promote engaging videos for clients that range from small business to large companies and Government authorities. Videos are 53 times more likely to appear at the top of search results. Videos are consistently shown up on the first page of search results particularly Google. It’s obvious that Google loves the video. Just take a look at the videos included in the organic search results – not to mention the company’s purchase of YouTube. Video commands far greater retention over text content. Video captures and retains viewers’ attention. Engaging in video optimization and a well-managed video marketing campaign will significantly increase the pull of your web video.
Web App Demo Videos
That Generate Sales

Our web app demo videos increase user understanding about your product. This increases conversions, increases existing customer satisfaction, reduces user churn and reduces support calls. Whether you’re just starting to look at video marketing, looking for some help and advice or know what you want, we can help. We have years of experience in making Web App Demo Videos.

Live Video Streaming 
Explore the world with videos
 Live video broadcasts are a great way to position your business as an industry leader. This unique strategy can explode your business online. As a video production company, you can trust us to have the quality, lighting, audio and streaming quality to be delivered , your audience. Dependability to have the streaming services ready for you. Viacom India team will be ready to set up your live video streaming services for you and you will count on our support to ensure everything technical is taken care of stress-free in your end. Live Video Streaming Services for the webinar, events, conferences, interviews, product demo and many more. 
Video Strategy & Distribution

Best mode to maintain your distribution and strategy

Implementing a video campaign is not easy. Viacom India can provide expertise on the perfect strategy for creating, promoting, and releasing your video content to ensure it maximises its reach potential. From sharing video content on social media to increase brand engagement, to providing customers with easy to follow product support instructions, to affordable. Video is becoming the go-to format for sharing a message, complete with a “human factor” that’s an effective video strategy starts with a defined goal. These should be realistic and measurable. Use video more effectively across your entire business or organisation to improve efficiency, share messages consistently and scale the human factor

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