What we do

Our business is working with yours. A focus on video content for over a decade in all types of business related video production.

We believe every video deserves the best start in life. So this is why we offer our version of an end-to-end service: one that begins with a purpose and plan to not only produce great content but to amplify and measure it as well. You know your business, we know content. We are a business-first solution for a video-first world. We can help you out with any combination of the following

Video Content Planning & Strategy

It all starts with the why? Why does this piece of content exist? A strategic approach ensures we’re telling the right story to the right audience and we know where to find them. – Video content strategy – Content planning session

Video Content Production

We’ve been delivering high quality video production for a decade – Storyboarding – Creative treatments – Scripting – Full-service pre-production, production and post-production – Social media cut-downs – Pre-rolls – Brand and hero films – Documentaries – Personalised videos

Video Content Marketing

How we find your audience, amplify your content and engage and connect. Then rinse and repeat with some tweaks once we’ve measured your success. – Video hosting – Platform integrations – Analytics and reporting – Optimisation – Distribution and amplification

Where to start?

You might feel like this video project in front of you is a bit of a beast. Where to start? Don’t worry you are in good hands with Viacom India. We’ve produced thousands of hours of video content over the years. We have the latest gear, the smartest most creative bunch around and yes, even our coffee machines rock. Let us worry about how to get your video project done. You go ahead and plan the launch party.

Its more than “what we do”, it’s “how we do it”

Our Process

Process can make all the difference in the success of a project, whether it’s building a company plant, planning an event or creating a video. We’ve invested in a process designed to complement our experience in developing a professional video. A step-by-step process that’s still flexible but also scalable, manageable and beneficial to each project. Our dedicated project-manager/producer will help ensure far more than “on time” and “on budget”, as we are conscious of efficiency, communication, responsiveness and, most of all, a positive customer experience.And, with years of experience in corporate video production, as well as both the film and television industry, we’ve honed our process to truly make a difference. We like to think that it’s not just what we do that sets us apart from all the other video companies but how we do it!

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Taking a closer look at your needs

We listen, ask questions, and get to know you and your company, the project, budget, target audience, distribution and, most importantly, the goals and objectives associated with the video. We also bring forward ideas, creative concepts and logical considerations, ensuring that we’re all on the same page, comfortable, confident and ready to move forward.


A road map to the big screen (and the little ones too!).

Pre-production is when we move forward into creative and logistic mode, which can cover tasks ranging from scriptwriting, storyboarding, equipment choices, budget allocations, project requirements, project management and scheduling. As Winston Churchill once stated, “failing to plan is planning to fail” and pre-production is integral to ensuring your project stays on-time, on-budget, and well-organized throughout.We often work hand-in-hand with many of our clients, sharing pre-production elements that make the most logistical and economic sense. Or, we can handle it all, from start to finish!


Lights, camera, action!

This is where the magic happens. Most clients are surprised at the amount of gear we haul around to cover the basics, which are required for quality work. Beyond our definition of professional standard gear, we often utilize Glidecams (for walking and running shots), sliders, dollies, camera jibs, drones, and other specialized gear that adds production value for the big-league look. Other production tasks may involve location set-up, framing, selecting angles, props, backgrounds, directing talent and whatever else it takes to make your video project great. From single operators to small crews, we always aim for high-quality work with productivity and cost-efficiency in mind.


Editors in dark rooms.

Yes, we have yet to meet an editor who doesn’t love an office without a window. Perhaps that’s because they get to see and craft the brilliant colours, sharpness, imagery, graphics and more on their 4K super high-definition screens!The post-production stage is multifaceted in the way it can involve a number of stages. Most video productions involve editing, audio enhancement and treatment, voice-over talent, a director overseeing the work, licensed music, motion graphics or visual effects, and all the other fun things editors love to work on or, should we say, play with!


Ready for the world to watch.

Once proofing is complete, we provide final master copies for your records and then create format conversions for playback on various devices and distribution channels. From looping trade shows screens and HD mobile devices to internal viewing, online or offline use, and even the big screen. We put deliver in the word deliverables!


We ensure your stories get seen and heard.

Now when your project is complete, it needs to be seen and heard. You need a video distribution strategy. That’s where our Audience Engagement Director comes in. Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or other digital channels, we’ll tailor and execute a plan specific to your business objectives. We stay on top of the hottest digital trends so you don’t have to. We provide expertise on the perfect strategy for creating, promoting, and releasing your video content to ensure it maximises its reach potential.


We make it better

Our Audience Engagement Director will analyze the impact and reach of your video, making the necessary optimizations to ensure we meet your business goals. At Viacom India will help quantify any attribution lift to your business and provide detailed reporting to show all stakeholders the success of your video. Also for a strategic evolution we keep analytical eye to ensure we meet your goals. 

We are unique and so are you. Let's make this experience about you, not us.

Want your next video production to be an unbeaten success.

Please Call, Text, Whatsapp us at (+91-9717337326) or drop us a mail at- video@viacomindia.com, Our experts will be in touch with you soon!