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We are passionate storytellers. It's at the heart of everything we do and using the art of storytelling in 60 seconds to engage an audience is so important to us. You may know every nook and cranny of your business, but we can sum up what you do in a 60-second video.

Whether your target audience is on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram or somewhere else. We believe tailoring your content with in 60 second for the platform is the key.

The 60 Second Series video's message and style will vary. A 60 Second Series video can be a Corporate series, brand series, product series, startup series, business series, fashion series, personal care series, beauty & grooming series, accessories series, appliances series, clothing series, sports & activewear series, baby product series, health & nutrition series, product styling series, social media content series, or many other forms.

We're a production company that tells artistic stories in 60 seconds for the internet. A great video doesn't always mean serious. It just means solid storytelling. We believe anything that's going to cut through all that gump on the internet has to be genuinely engaging and shareable.

We're proud of our visual style; how we tailor it to success online and helped get our 60 second videos seen around the world.

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