Media Buying & Placement

Reach Target Audiences At The Right Time And Place.

With media buying and placement, you can reach potential clients at the right place and time. Strategically placed ads in the right places can lead to increased sales and brand awareness. Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, media buying campaigns can be just as effective when strategized correctly. 

Make your brand stand out from competitors. With media buying, you can place ads about your company, services, or products on websites where competitor ads are found. Placing ads next to competitor ads will leave your brands name in the mind of people. Ad placement can be an effective tool to increase sales and brand visibility. Popular and trending marketplaces are kept in mind to place your ads. Your brand and products placed at the places where there is a huge demand for those services can create amazing ROI.

Our media buying and placement channels

Online Media

Online platforms like Google, Facebook, and youtube receive the highest number of audiences per day reaching billions of people. Well-thought strategies and planning can help you get the target audiences

Ott & App Platforms

OTT & app branding and product placements can heavily boost your sales and popularity if placed in the appropriate content genre. Web series, short content, Podcast Series, Movies & Entertainment App platforms are the most popular means of entertainment for the masses.

Print Media

The print medium is one of the most credible sources among all the others. Consumers trust what’s in the print which leads to brand trust and loyalty. Print media includes placements in newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc.

Mainstream Media

Mainstream media buying and placement on TV, and radio, which have a huge audience give your brands and products an edge over competitors placing them in front of millions.

Out-Of-Home Media

Out-of-home advertising can be a brilliant platform for media placement. It provides a highly targeted and action-oriented reach to the audience. This includes billboards, wallscapes, vehicle branding, digital kiosk placements, and posters.

Infilm Branding

Brand promotion in films, and product placement in film can create a massive appeal to the public for the products and services. Proper research and relevant placement in films can return huge benefits to brands and businesses.


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