Experiential Marketing

Bringing a revolution in experiential marketing by merging the offline and online experiences into one. 

We at Viacom India are bringing revolution to experiential marketing. Seamless online and offline integration strategies are created to bring an immersive experience to your clients. Events and campaigns create a far-wide impact with this digital integration. Experiential marketing combined with digital marketing provides synergy resulting in an overall better brand presence, recall, and recognition. Experiential marketing is among the best methods to increase brand loyalty and consumer satisfaction.

Let your customers interact, participate and feel what your brand stands for. Viacom India’s innovative and intuitive experiential marketing campaigns deliver an unforgettable unique experience.

What we do and why we do it.


The first thing we like to tackle with a client is goals. How do you want to make an impact? What does success look like to you? We start with gathering information about the purpose, impact, scale an


We utilize our crazy huge network throughout the nation and get the right people and equipment to make your goal a reality. From there, we create the schedule, location stops, and produce the experien


After training the staff and implementing the experience design, then comes the best part, activation! We get to see all of our hard work come to life. Here, we see what kind of impact our experience


Tracking, analyzing, and keeping tabs on the campaign performance. Staying updated with the latest tricks and trends in the market and incorporating them into your campaigns.


Let's create content that defines you and inspires others.