Dare 2 Create

Dare2Create is a brand new initiative by Viacom Media which brings together creators and brands from around the globe to work together on creative projects. Creators and brands can collaborate to form creative content in a relationship which offers benefits to both. Brands can tap the unlimited potential via the global platform. The creators get exposure to renowned brands and their content strategies. Selected individuals get a chance to be rewarded with brand collaborations and cash prizes.


Dare2Create offers direct job offers with the brands and businesses if your content is loved by the organisation. Top performers are rewarded with job offers and the runner-ups with internship opportunities. Even the ones who did not rank high get a learning experience and can witness the current trends in the market. This challenge comes with no downsides, only a challenge to your creativity. Are you up for the challenge?

Opportunities in Viacom India

Want to be part of the creative team at Viacom India? We offer internships to the candidates who are ready to take on the challenge and prove their skills. Learn and create with the team of experts at Viacom India. This just does not get better than this.

Let's create content that defines you and inspires others.