We love working with Agencies

Are you a creative agency or marketing agency interested in collaborating with us? Drop us an email we’d love to hear from you! We’ve adapted our workflow to help deliver video content to agencies through white-label and partnership arrangements. Our highly skilled crew can work seamlessly with your agency, create and deliver quality video. It’s like having your own in-house video production company with the reliability and flexibility that comes with Morden video technology services and impeccable organization that will make your job easier. With full-service capabilities and a fluid structure that’s quicker and more adaptive than the increasingly outdated traditional video production houses, Viacom India saves its agencies &client’s time, money, and headaches without sacrificing an ounce of creative firepower.

Our Approach

We offer a video production service for agencies – a plug-in service that allows you to create exciting and effective videos for clients. Whether it’s brand videos, product video, promotional videos, video ads or any other kinds of video, we will provide you with the right video production services – on time and on budget.We’re available to sit in on client meetings as a full member of your team to talk through the details of a video project with your clients, or we can assist you during the planning stages to provide options and ideas.We look after all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production for you – allowing you to deliver the videos you have planned to delight your clients and drive their business further.If you need guidance on the different types of videos available, or how best to further your client’s goals with video, we can provide you with anything from simple consultancy to scopes of work to extensive strategy documents.We understand the processes used by agencies and know how to dovetail our service with yours so that you can get the best ROI from our partnership.

We'll take care of everything

Whether it’s Concept, scripting, location, talent hunting, video looks, style, Treatment, shooting, soundtracks or the vfx , animation. We will ensure that every part of your video story is being done perfectly on time and within the budget. We’ll show you a finished draft to review.Once approved, your video is live and ready for an initial round of search engine optimisation – yes, all that is included as part of our service.

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