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We don’t just make videos, deliver and distribute. We create complete digital experiences that act as strategic tools for your business. Working as an extension of your team, we align ourselves with your business objectives and challenges to create integrated digital marketing plans that drive real engagement among your target audiences. Get started can support you with knowledge and experience across digital strategy, tactics, execution and reporting insights for ongoing optimization.
Digital marketing is the most effective way to introduce your brand to your online audience. “We create awareness campaigns on your products and services in the form of various viral commercials including funny video clips, interactive Videos, brand content videos, product promotion videos, viral videos content, images and even impressive texts” With technology on the boom, digital is the new word in the market. Ads are placed on the most highly targeted websites, which promise tremendous exposure. It’s our newest domain we have entered into and we have ventured out well. Our customers are well satisfied and given the variety of services including SEO, SEM, SMM, ORM, PPC, Video Advertising and many other digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter other social media, and e-commerce marketing, we are gaining a strong ground in the field of digital marketing, content Video marketing and it’s helping us to establish a strong name amongst the few who actually are capable of using technology to the optimum level.
We offer expertise in these areas

Video Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Social Media Ads, Social/Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Seeding Viral Content, Viral Video Marketing.

Brand Strategy

We design and develop brands across multi-channel experiences that people connect to on an emotionally rich and meaningful level. With our insight-driven and data-driven approach, we have a great understanding of people as consumers and are able to enable brands to reach their growth goals, generate brand awareness, build momentum and position their brand for lifetime customer loyalty.

Capabilities: #Brand Identity & Brand Positioning Development, #Brand Story Building, #In-market Strategy, #Brand Personality Cultural Translating, #Slogan Development, #Brand Video Development / Brand Guidelines,# Consumer Insights and Profiling, #Market Research (quantitative and qualitative), #Product Launches, #Brand e-commerce strategy and Pre-market (entry) Regulations // Product SKU Portfolio Creation,
Omni-Channel Strategy

A wise adman once said “Before you can have a share of market, you must have a share of mind.” To pull that off, you need audiences with an open mind – something that doesn’t happen when you interrupt their viewing experiences with an ad they don’t like. We look at how, what and where your audience watch before advising on the best content strategy and delivery format. This helps insure a positive reception, which in turn drives engagement. Our adtech enhances this process. From our social measurement tools to our native brand player which makes commenting and sharing as easy as a click, our approach is geared to earn you media.

Capabilities: #Inventory Visibility, #A Single View of the Customer Across Channels, #Clienteling, Store Fulfilment, #Mobile, #customer experience, #ecommerce, #Interactive, #Digital Transformation, #Digital Engineering, #Analytics and Information Management, #Quality Engineering & Assurance, #Map out the customer journey,
Video Marketing

Video Marketing Drives Precise Engagement, Continuing to grow at an astounding pace, consumer engagement with online video represents a substantial opportunity for brands to connect with their most important audiences. Precise targeting capabilities and a growing array of ad types make video marketing an efficient and effective investment for marketers, but the channel still goes untapped by many brands. As smart phones continue their world domination, it’s more important than ever to be reaching consumers on every platform and device with quality video marketing. Video marketing is the fastest growing online format for promoting products and services. We work with you to create a powerful video marketing strategy to attract, engage, nurture, and educate new clients and customers. Ultimately, we make videos that sell. We reach the right audience at the right time in the right place. We launch, manage and optimize video advertising campaigns on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

Capabilities: #Customer Insights, #Competitive Analysis, #Strategy, #Video advertising and SEO, #Video Optimization, #Video Advertising Management, #Analytics & Analysis
Influencer Marketing

People trust people (Digital word-of-mouth) Breaking through the noise and standing out online can be difficult. But as social influencers continue to grow in popularity, and word-of-mouth remains the most trusted form of marketing, we deliver effective influencer and earned media approaches to help our clients meet their business objectives. We believe in creating unique content partnerships between brands and influencers, rather than commissioning shout-outs and vanity views. Our proprietary selection tool measures audience statistics for over 59,000 macro and micro influencers across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Whether you are looking for globe trotters, shopaholics, tech wizards, fitness bunnies, petrol heads or something entirely different.

Capabilities: Influencer Marketing Strategy, Content Creation & Amplification, Lifestyle Storyteller Campaigns, Brand/Fan Advocacy Activations, Influencer Mapping, Crisis Management Preparation,
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Digital Media

Digital Media is the process of increasing brand or product awareness, building brand image, connecting with the customers, and attracting visitors through all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc. Viacom India media platform leverages smart data capabilities to create smarter media campaigns with the highest level of precision, which enables the brands we work with to reach their target audience – at the right time, on the right platform and in the right context. We have the access, insights and buying power to achieve all of our clients predetermined campaign goals.

Capabilities: #Media Planning, #Optimization, #Negotiation, #Buying and Execution, #Programmatic, #Targeted Media Buying and Retargeting,
Social/Content Marketing

It’s no secret that today’s world is obsessed with social. In fact, according to Social Media Today, a huge 60% of all time spent online is spent on social channels. Consider how much time is being spent by consumers and prospects on their social media – does that sound like a strategy you should skip? Viacom India offers integrated social media communications, corporate brand management and content marketing. we have dedicated team in social media research, testing, optimization and insights reporting. Having served the India’s top brands, we have earned high marks within the industry for our creativity, content, execution and service.

Capabilities: #Brand Community Management, #Branded Content Development, #Seeding & Sourcing, #Social Campaign Planning & Execution, #Ideation Planning, #Customized Social Media Measurement, #Influencer Outreach & Activation, #Paid Social Media Planning & Buying, #Social Insights & Audits, #Native Ads with Large Platforms and Management,
Mobile Marketing or M-commerce

Today, mobile is a brand’s most significant and best performing media channel. We customize digital media solutions and mobile marketing campaigns, and work to optimize the experiences of your users, while maintaining your own experience as a brand across mobile, video and social.

Capabilities: # DSP,# Mobile Apps Planning & Buying, #Brand Mobile Strategy, Brand Mobile Site Build, #Mobile Campaigns, #Mobile Gains Creation & Execution, #Integration with Apps, #Mobile Campaign Reporting, #Brand M-commerce Strategy & Site Development,
Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is one of the fastest growing channels of advertising. SEM does require an investment – but it’s one that you can’t afford to skip. We have partnerships with SEM providers, and understand how search engines and their marketing programs work. We not only focus on what users search for in your area of business, we make it effective by reducing the noise, that way you get value for the money you spend.We help businesses grow their digital audience through inbound strategies, onsite optimization, keyword buys, content marketing, paid and natural search. By utilizing innovative technologies, design, content and social, our industry-leading search engine experts drive search performance, foster long-term engagements and keep your campaign running with utmost efficiency.

Capabilities: #Advanced Analytics, #Content Marketing, #Social Media, #Chinese Local Keyword Buy, #Google Keyword Buy, #Brand zone Idea Creation & Execution, #Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy, #PPC, #Keyword ROI Buys & Retargeting,
Data Analytics

Viacom India creates and implements multiple data platforms and systems that support companies and organizations to extract both value and insights that help businesses better understand and anticipate patterns of consumer behaviour. This enables organizations to use that data efficiently to reach their target audience and optimize those user experiences across the digital ecosystem. Our aim is to simplify the process from end to end, whether your initiative requires consumer-facing visualizations or an interactive client dashboard, we have all the bandwidth necessary to execute the planning, design and development.

Capabilities: #Campaign Data Analytics, #Data Visualization, #Big Data, Data Warehousing, #Data Capturing, #Dashboard, #Architect Data Warehouses, #DMP Utilization for PMP (specific for India) and Data Analysis for Consumer,
Tracking & Measurement

We know it all comes down to the bottom line so we track every detail of your campaign. Results can be reviewed in real-time through our custom dashboards, allowing you to stay up to date and for us to make quick fire adjustments to optimise your campaign. All data can be impartially audited by third party trackers for complete transparency.  We also have the ability to track the viewer’s journey to point-of-purchase, allowing us to directly measure the impact of the campaign on sales.

Digital marketing tailored for your business!

Our expert team form creative Ideas to live Action Bring your ideas to life through ideation and prototyping, so that others can experience your vision of the future. At Viacom India LLP, we provide effective digital marketing services by implementing the best of technology, creativity and analytical expertise with Affordable Digital Marketing process.

Capabilities: #Digital Marketing, #Brand Strategy, #Omni-Channel Strategy, #Video Marketing, #Influencer Marketing, #Creative, #Digital Media, #Social/Content Marketing, #Mobile Marketing or M commerce, #Search Engine Marketing, #Tracking & Measurement, #Data Analytics, 

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