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Producing charity awareness videos is high on our video agenda. Working with charities is important to us. We concentrate on creating eye-catching ethical videos to highlight main-issues and promote sustainability projects. We target audiences for fundraising and boost donations for both local and international NGOs.

The Non-profit (NGO'S) video's message and style will vary. A Non-profit (NGO'S) video can be a Ngo's profile video, industry bodies & associations, societies & trusts, fundraising videos, thank you video, meet the team, charity videos, inspiration and action, behind the scenes other forms.

Empathy is key to success for non-profit organizations. Fundraising and volunteerism can dramatically increase when a non-profit or NGO makes the connection and explains their why. No other medium accomplishes this better than visual storytelling and that's because nothing can match video's authenticity. Non-profit video production requires a strategy that helps you engage with your audience by sharing your mission. We'll be that connection for you.

We act as a strategic partner in the non-profit video production process to ensure that your message is loud and clear. We educate your audience about the problem you are tackling and inspire them to join you and contribute.

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