Brand terms and conditions

We are conscious that negotiations and redlining lengthy contracts increase costs for you and us and delay what we most like to do: make great videos for you! Based on our business model and commercial terms, we have drafted our terms to make them fair and balanced for you and us. And to make them as readable as possible without years of law school.

We understand legal terms can be hard to navigate and we would like to provide you with a short guide to our Brand’s Terms and some of the key terms here:

  1. DEFINITIONS – Explains the capitalized terms we use in the Brand’s Terms. The Agreement between you and us includes your Order Form, these terms and our policies including our Acceptable Use Policy, Data Protection Policy, and Changes and Refunds Policy.
  2. SCOPE OF Viacom India LLP SERVICES – Explains how our first-in-the-industry service model which allows you to leverage cost and service efficiencies works. We will provide Credit refunds if we fall short in certain circumstances as set out in our Changes and Refunds Policy.
  3. SERVICE PRODUCTS – We offer three types of Service Products and importantly, Credits work differently for our Subscription and Prepaid Service Products.
  4. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES – We want to ensure that we keep our Platform safe for the use of all our customers. We have some common-sense responsibilities for all users in this section.
  5. PAYMENT TERMS – We keep our payment terms simple and you can review them here. You will want to note that we strictly do not provide cash refunds.
  6. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS – You own all rights to the Work Product from your Projects (as long as we get paid!). No question. We also set out terms that describe how third party works you want incorporated into your Work Product works.
  7. INDEMNIFICATION – This sets out what we indemnify each other for. In short, we will indemnify you against third parties who claim against you for use of the Work Product subject to the Usage Restrictions. We need an indemnity from you in relation to Your Content, your breach of our terms, and your use of our Viacom India LLP Services.
  8. LIABILITY – This sets out our respective liability obligations under the Agreement.
  9. TERM, TERMINATION AND SUSPENSION – This sets out the duration of the contract and the circumstances in which either you or us can terminate the Agreement, or, for us, suspend our provision of our Services to you.

J. GENERAL – These are general legal terms which apply to both of us, including the law governing this Agreement (India) and our dispute resolution mechanism (negotiate, mediate, arbitrate).

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