We know that people trust the opinions of other people, and buying decisions are often influenced by online reviews. A testimonial video provides a powerful personal recommendation from one of your existing customers. Startup & Scaleups Video Startup & Scaleups Video Testimonial videos give your business a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with your audience. Talk to them directly, and start to build a relationship that instills confidence and transcends distance.

A testimonial video's message and style may vary where a testimonial video can have a number of types including customer testimonials, partner testimonials, product testimonials, member testimonials, talking heads, spokesperson, thanking audience, brand testimonial, subject matter expert, claims we make, and interview among many more.

Often the best ambassadors for a product or service is someone who has experienced it first-hand. When someone talks openly and honestly about how your products or services have helped them it creates a further sense of credibility.

Testimonial Videos are a force to be reckoned with when it's used between the Decision and Retention stages of the sales funnel process.

Our creative and production teams are specialists in capturing an engaging Testimonial.

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