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Video Marketing-Video seeding

Video marketing means that the right video is distributed to be seen by the right people, producing the right result for you in the marketing funnel. you could have the greatest brand video in the world, but it won’t matter if you don’t know how to market it properly. after video production completed, video marketing becomes a vital part of the process. Viacom India can ensure your video gets the exposure it needs through our full video marketing services, including channel management, mobile optimisation, SEO optimisation, and video distribution.

Video Marketing/ Video Seeding- We have grouped Video Marketing into three parts- Video Distribution, Video Advertising, YouTube Optimisation, Omni-channel Distribution
Video Distribution

Where to distribute your video is an important decision. We’ll help you choose your channels and ensure your video is correctly set up. You could have the next viral hit on your hands, but if no one can find it it’s not going to achieve the reach it deserves. Through our audience research, we know which sites, blogs, brands and social media platforms they engage with. It allows us to plan an integrated approach to distribution, meaning we can capture the largest and most targeted audience possible.

Here are our three basic rules for video distribution.

Use your website

It’s a great way to drive traffic and it’s much easier to get people to take a related action by following a link, instant social media sharing or even clicking on products within the video to see the details pop up on screen.

Make the most of your existing channels

We make sure you give the video maximum exposure on the channels you already control. So as well as your website, that includes your blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and email list and so on. Seeding content in places where you’ve got established relationships helps you gain maximum exposure for minimum spend.

Target influencers to access a wider audience

Influencers are the leaders other people will follow they can give you access to a larger extent like bloggers, forum managers, industry experts and even celebrities. Planting content in front of a few well-chosen people is known as content seeding. Sometimes it’s free, other times you’ll need to pay a fee to get others to pick up on your content.

YouTube optimisation

We can optimise your content so that users will find your video when they enter the relevant keywords. You could have the next viral hit on your hands, but if no one can find it it’s not going to achieve the reach it deserves. But not many people know that optimising videos can be just as important. YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, despite the fact that it only searches its own content. It’s used by more than 1 billion people every month, and a huge number of them search for videos using generic search terms.YouTube knows how many people have watched, rated and shared each video, and takes all this information into account when returning results. In fact, many factors have an impact on rankings including metadata, engagement, recency, views and incoming links. Your optimisation efforts shouldn’t stop when people find your YouTube channel. With a little extra work you can turn an average YouTube channel into a perfect marketing machine, whether you want to raise awareness, generate leads, or delight your fans. We help you think about making it


Navigation is the key here – you want finding your video content to be as easy as possible for your viewers. We recommend segmenting your videos into playlists, which should all be displayed on your channel homepage.


YouTube is a visual channel, so everything about your business or brand needs to be visually appealing. We add a channel icon (probably your logo), add artwork that’s consistent with your brand and make sure all video thumbnails are good quality.


Your channel should express a coherent and consistent message about your business. We create video titles and descriptions that sound on brand, as well as being clear, concise and accurate.

Video SEO Audit

Receive an audit of your channel and/or videos. Ensure your video reaches the widest possible audiences with SEO tactics that improve visibility and sharing across the web.- Transcribe Your Video Content, Optimize Video File Metadata, Implement Schema Markup, Submit a Video Sitemap, Find Keywords That Populate Video Results.


At the end of the day, your YouTube channel is only as good as your video content and engagement with the community. So that means keeping content fresh by adding new videos regularly, and making sure you reply to any comments or questions. And yet again, it means including high-quality content that’s relevant to your audience. We like to take it a step further, by dividing your audience into persona types.


Ideally, you don’t just want people to watch your videos. You want them to follow up on what they’ve seen by actually doing something. We think about calls to action and links within your videos to point viewers towards all the good stuff on your website. And include links to your website, plus all your other social media pages, on your channel homepage.

Mobile Optimisation

With more searches performed on mobile than on desktop, optimising your online presence for mobile is the only way to ensure your reach.

Video Consulting

Get coaching on how to improve your channel or videos. We’ve helped dozens of companies improve their strategy and improve their channel just by simple consultations.

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